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Seventeenth Annual

TG For Life Basketball Tournament

In memory of

Justin Sheppard and Shawn Green

June 23rd to June 26th, 2016

TG for Life is a community-based organization that is committed to providing young people living in high-risk communities with positive outlets for relationship building through teamwork and regulated sporting activities.  We utilize the game of basketball and sport celebrity appearances as a means of reaching our targeted youths.

As we enter into our 17th year of hosting this tournament, and now in partnership with the Jr. NBA, we are inviting you to participate as a sponsor.  We urge you to look at any form of sponsorship or donation as a way of giving back youth who are "less-fortunate" within Toronto's communities.  We are looking for sponsors who will assist us in keeping this tournament running each year so we can fulfill the desires of young people wanting to play the sport of basketball.  I am sure you are aware that Canada has become the new "hot spot" for Division 1 basketball players.  This has inspired young boys and girls to play the game and to one day get a Division 1 Scholarship to maybe someday make it to the NBA.

We are very pleased and overwhelmed by the support we have received from the community and youths that benefit from the positive outcomes of the tournament each year.  This year, we have planned an exciting schedule of sporting events, award ceremonies, autograph sessions, food and refreshments, and other youth related special events.  Along with many of our National team members and Pro players, we will have special celebrity appearances by Jamaal Magloire and Simeon Mars from the Toronto Raptors. 

The tournament is dedicated to Justin Sheppard, a young promising basketball player, who was brutally murdered almost 16 years ago as a result of youth violence in Toronto, and Shawn Green who passed away last year while playing on the court due to a heart attack, the game he love & basketball.  The goal is to highlight the issues of youth violence and promote more positive, healthy interactions and relationship among Toronto's youth.  In addition to the delivery of an anti-violence perspective designed at "increase the peace", we have added Audette Sheppard (Justin's Mom) to our committee to enhance this message.  Audette is also the chair of UMOVE (United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere).

In the past, we have used Seneca College, Centennial College, George Brown College, Ryerson University, University of Toronto and the Pan Am Sports Centre to expose our young players to the College and University Campuses, and we expect to do the same this year.  Last year we had over 1,000 youth pass through and participate in our tournament, and with the lack of other quality tournaments this year, we are looking for the numbers to increase.

Your support will enable us to continue providing a quality tournament to build stronger and healthier community relations among youths.  It would be a shame if we had to cancel this year's tournament because we could not cover the costs.

A tournament weekend such as the one we deliver requires a great deal of planning, participation and assistance from community stakeholders. We believe that with your support, we can make this a memorable event for all involved and trust that you look favorably upon our request.  Please help us make this year's event as successful one.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Wilton Hall                                  Sean Grant                                       Donovan Smith

647-828-5869                                     416-817-2903                                         647-998-0426           


* Guarantee 3 games

*Thursday and Friday games start at 6pm

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